Most of our services are eligible for grants under a number of schemes:

National Home Retrofit Scheme: This is a new scheme offering large grants of up to €35,000 to enable you to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency. Application deadline is January – contact us now to get your application started.

Better Energy Homes (BEH): Single measure grants provide a fixed grant for a single measure, eg €400 for attic insulation available to all homes. Runs year round over 12 months.

Warmer Homes Scheme (WHS): Provides measures to a different standard for fuel poor homes at 100% grant. Runs year round over 12 months.

Warmth and Well Being (WW): Dublin only. Provides measures to a different standard for people with respiratory issues to improve health and comfort. 100% grant. Available until the money runs out. Only available on HSE approval.

Better Energy Communities (BEC): Application is part of a larger community based application, which may or may not be successful. Typically provides 30% to 35% grant for deeper multi-measure upgrades to minimum BER B2 standard, and covers all measures at the moment. Fuel poor homes can get up to 90% to the higher standard but it’s very hard to get through the process.